Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Blue dragon

               Blue dragon is an organisation for street kids. At a special day at unis, we run rounds on a track at school at the field. We  run rounds around the filed so we can sponsor or donate money to blue dragon, so the Kids at blue dragon can go to school. Blue dragon helps Kids go to school  and have a home.

This is when we where running at the walk-Avon . At that day every one was trying there best so we all could sponsor as much money as possible to blue dragon.  When I was running I was trying my best, because I wanted that a lot of blue dragon Kids could go to school. 
At the end of our 20 minutes I did 17 rounds around the track on the field.  In total I donated 370,000 vnd to blue dragon. In total my class donated 49,940,000 vnd.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Last week it was trip week. At trip week we did a lot of fun things. It was a Fantastic trip week!!!
Here are some activities and pictures to the activities.So now lets get started!

Here we were hiking this was one of the first activities. This activity a lot of people where tired. Also a lot of people sad that it was boring, but I think that it was also fun.  

At this activity we were at the V-resort.  And were we made dragons in groups that our teachers decided. I think it was fun, but where were boys who ruined it and then we repaired  it so it would look OK.
    I hope you liked my blog post about the trip week.

    Tuesday, 18 April 2017

    Our I time project

    Our project is make really pretty decoration for Birthday party's. Amara, Fame/Warathida and I we did it all. I and Amara were first in one group and we plant already that we will do, But then Fame has come to our group. We  were a thinker, because we were thinking that we should do for our project.  
    Our reason to do this that, because then n the Birthdaypartys you have some dicoration. sorry that I couldn't take pictures. :(

    The Museum galery walk

    Today is the 10 of march 2017  we  all  finished our projects and did  galley walk. This is my project.

     Then I was trying to think of  something that i could show  every one was a bit hard for me, but  after I brain stomt  then I've got an idea for personal, local and global. When i got home i already lookt for the thngs Ineaded. And I also tthond them. Her are some pctures.

    Math Reflection

                                 Math Reflection

              Describe a new strategy that you leaned.
          I learnt that if you are using arrays then it' easier to multiply .
         Describe a new vocabulary word you leaned.
         I didn't learn a new vocabulary.


           Describe a mistake you made and what you learn from it.
          I and my Group made a mistake that we didn't used the           
         correct numbers.

       Explain how you challenged yourself this week.
       I didn't really challenged myself  this week.

       Tell about something you noticed today and how.
        I helped someone to solve a math problem.

    When we were  doing number talk I found it easier to do number lines with minus.

    The Eastern Egg Hunt

     On Sunday the 16th My Friend Chloe invited me to the Eastern egg huntat the hotel JW Marriot hanoi. Cloealso invited over people were names are Tam, Rinka, Elsa and Azediwa.

     We had SO,SO,SO mutch FUN and Cloes dad hd lots of pictures from as. For the Egg Hunt I was one of the winners and I was the first Place with 15 shoklad eggs. :)

    Here are some Pictures of the egg Hunt._________